How long does it take?

As each book is unique, it will depend
upon many variables.


The Process in a Nutshell

It is not necessary for Jim Simmons to be present in your city or town in order to research and write your life or family history.

After a contract is signed, he will conduct a series of one-hour telephone interviews at your convenience. These will be transcribed. You can send via Priority Mail or Federal Express whatever materials you think are pertinent to the creation of the book.These, of course, will be returned promptly. He will also do whatever supplemental research he deems necessary in a local or university library. As each chapter is completed, he will send you a copy by Priority Mail for your corrections and changes. At the end you will receive a complete copy of the corrected text of the book. A hard copy and one on disk will be forwarded to the designer to begin the design process.

The designer will work closely with you during all stages of the design process and provide you with a print-out of the completed book for your approval before it is sent to the printer.

Both Jim Simmons and the designer will always be available to answer any questions that may arise during the entire process, which may take anywhere from three to six months for writing and design, and another two months for production and printing. The timing will vary for each project.