I’d like a ball park figure of how much my biography might cost.

The approximate cost for a privately researched and written life or family history is dependent upon a host of variables, among them...

  • The length of the manuscript and amount of research required
  • The number of photos and other materials to be scanned
  • The amount of retouching and Photoshop manipulation required to prepare old photos for reproduction
  • The dimensions of the book
  • The number of pages in the book
  • How many books are printed
  • If photos are in black and white, or in color signatures
  • If the book is hardbound, Smythe sewn, or a paperback
  • If the book has a 4-color dust-jacket

Total estimated cost to produce 250 professionally written, designed and printed, Smythe-sewn, 300-page, hard-cover books containing 100 black and white photographs, printed on archival, acid-free paper guaranteed to last for 300 years or more, suitable for placement in City, State, University, Historical Society, Church or Temple libraries, can run upwards of $45,000. Larger quantities will result in greater per-unit cost savings.