Weaves the text and visuals together to create a timeless
work of art.


During the weeks and months you are working with the writer, Jim Simmons, you will also be collecting and organizing stacks of photographs, letters, postcards, awards, and other memorabilia that will accompany the text and bring it alive for future generations.

You will be in close touch with the designer during this special time. As you discuss options and ideas for the book’s visuals she will be getting a feeling for your family’s saga and a sense of your aesthetic which she will then integrate into the book’s overall design.

Every person, every family, every business is completely unique, therefore every biography or history yourbiography.com produces requires an individualized design approach. Each detail, from the choice of type and paper stock to the color and material of the binding, is researched and presented to you for your input and approval.

The process of designing your biography is a
collaborative and extremely pleasant one, with many invisible benefits. You have a chance to reconnect with old friends or “lost” family members while collecting memorabilia, renewing old relationhips and making serendipitous new connections. You will re-live memorable events and may even re-remember other, forgotten ones. You may even find your life takes on a special “glow” as you refine and design your legacy.